It All Started with a Videotape

It All Started with a VideotapeA brother, whose first contact with the Gospel was a few years ago, shared his story with us:

“In my village’s market, I discovered a Christian videotape in my mother tongue. It was an incredible blessing for me and my family. We all watched this two-hour tape several times over the course of a few months. We talked about it with everyone we knew, and eventually lent it to a family friend, who lent it to a neighbor. It was then we lost track of where it went, but the seed had fallen on good soil. We had gotten everything we could from it, and others needed to hear the Good News as well.

“It was shortly after this that I finally met another Christian who was attending a local church, and with whom a friendship was soon born. He invited me to the church, and it was there that I found answers to a lot of the questions that I had had since viewing that tape for the first time.

“Around the same time, I was also dealing with health problems that had been persistent with me for nearly three years. However, through dealing with these issues, I have also grown closer to God and learned to trust Him more. I found out recently that many of these health problems are symptoms of cancer, and I am now undergoing chemotherapy sessions. Because I have found God, I am no longer afraid of death.

“I have started playing my mandolin again, and I use it to praise my Savior who has paid my debts. The Lord has inspired me with songs that I plan to record soon, which I will dedicate to all those who, like me, have found the Light and a place in the Kingdom of God.”


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  1. Silchuk

    Where can I get a tape like that ? In Berber?


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