Isolated But Not Forgotten

SAM Valley* is a remote area surrounded by mountains higher than 13,000 feet. Though only 100 miles from the capital, it is not easy to get there. The road is difficult and winds through breathtaking mountain passes. It is beautiful and dangerous.

The pandemic put our whole healthcare system into deep crisis. While the capital and big towns were supported by local businessmen and activists, it was a disaster for such an isolated place as SAM Valley: Just one regional hospital with only 5 doctors and 23 medical workers on a primary level serves 5 villages with a population of 7,000 thousand people. The hospital has few basic medicines, not even Vitamin C. The very few oxygen concentrators are of a small capacity. The doctors do not have proper equipment for their own protection.

Hospitals in cities and towns have access to public media and communicate their needs, while small regional institutions can hardly make their needs known.

One of our sisters, Liza*, was trained in Integral Disciple Making Movement offered by Partners International. She now passes this training on to 5 more families in our town. She was born in SAM Valley and is a friend of a local doctor in SAM Valley. This doctor made a list of resources they needed and sent it to all her contacts, including Liza, who, in turn, shared it with our church. For Liza it was absolutely clear that she had to do her best to help. She knew this could open doors for the Gospel in her native area.

So Shepherd’s Call started a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and among local churches and believers. People started to respond! Step by step we had Kyrgyz believers from Turkey, some believers from Kazakhstan, local believers in the capital and our own church and even friends from Singapore coming alongside us. Partners International, as our long-term family, also made a big contribution to help. For three weeks we collected funds and procured necessary medications and supplies.

KGSC July Aug 2020 Update 2

Meanwhile our Shepherd’s Call ministry leader was diagnosed with kidney stones and suffered severe pain, and team member Kanybek* was preparing for his 4th chemo treatment for cancer. Without their help, it was hard to collect all the supplies, but GOD is FAITHFUL and we did it!

Together with Liza we went to SAM Valley in early August and delivered the supplies. What joy this brought to local workers and patients. We also took food supplies because many people there cannot work because of the shutdown. Many others do not have even basic things for survival.

As we talked to people there, we tried to encourage them, pray for them, and show our care and support. Liza started to gently share the Gospel with her doctor friend. Liza hopes to start Discovery Groups in this area in the future. This will not be an easy job, because these are isolated and traditional communities, but we made some good first steps and will continue to do so.

We thank Partners International for always being there for us, and the people of our country, for helping us reach the unreached. We also thank all partners and friends and some unknown people who simply opened their hearts and shared what they have to serve people they will probably never see. This is the power of His Kingdom, the power of kindness and love! Blessed be His name! Amen.

*Names changed for security.

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