Iraqi and Syrian refugee outreach

ISSG June 2017 Discipleship and outreach-Mona


Two million Syrian and Iraqi refugees have fled their homes and families to a safer destination. Christians have fled ISIS and what the war has brutally done to them. We felt it was our responsibility to stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ who needed our encouragement and material help. We also ministered to the Muslim Syrian families as we visited different households, provided for their needs, and prayed for them. It was a blessing for the families who felt the love of Jesus as we prayed and spent time with them. We did so many activities in a short time where we helped with medical assistance and provision of food packages. We also held a children’s ministry for 250 Iraqi and Syrian girls and boys which brought so much joy into their hearts and laughs on their faces!


Many people fled the harsh conditions imposed on them by ISIS to either convert to Islam, pay tax (which was too expensive in such tough times), or die! Sulul and his wife Batan chose the Good News over Islam! They left their home and moved to several places in Iraq before settling in a new country where they share a small apartment with 2 other families. The husband was injured from a bombing targeting Christians in his area, and is still in a traumatic shock which is affecting his daily life. The whole family still suffers from trauma and fear, especially their 2 year old daughter, but the Good News was brought to them and we were able to bring the hope amid the darkness they live in.


Please keep our persecuted brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for peace and restoration. Thanks and blessings to you all.


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