International Convention encourages Gambian Ministers

PRODEV Ministry Report Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader1


We held a convention for the first time in the Republic of Gambia from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 for church leaders ministering to the a people group there. Three countries were represented: Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Senegal. We had an average of 74 participants daily. The main topic was about the Church of the area, concerning the mission and strategy for reaching their people.

Pastors delivered teachings on mobilizing new leaders, spreading the Gospel message in settings familiar to that culture and talking about the mission of the church. We also held a sports match between Senegal and Gambia and an excursion followed by a prayer walk along the beach. The convention edified and refreshed our leaders.

One pastor from Gambia said, “I give thanks to God that this conference was hosted in our country. I hope this project will continue to develop because it is it is an instrument of unity of the Body of Christ among this people group. It will also serve to leverage other cross-country projects.”

The committee’s steering committee will continue raising awareness in the three countries so we can further mobilize Christian people of this group for evangelism.

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