Inmates Asking for Prayer

We are working from home as the entire country is under lock-down praying that the Lord will end the pandemic with a clearer vision of our need to His love and mercy.

Yet, despite our being home there are always open doors to help those who are in need.

Our team is continuously receiving calls from inmates in the different prisons asking for prayers and encouragement. Not only inmates currently in prison but also inmates who were released before whom we disciple during their imprisonment sentence and helped them to go to their home countries to be united with their families.

They call us from Latin America to pray with us and receive our encouragement for them to continue clinging to God for He is their only refuge.

The women working as daily domestic workers who lost their means to provide food for themselves and their families are walking for miles to our houses to receive financial donations so that they can buy basic needs for their families on their way back home. They reach the closest member of our team to their house so that they don’t have to walk that far.

prison represenatative receiving donations

We were blessed that God gave us such favor with the prison management who called us asking for our help to provide hygiene kits and calling cards for the foreign inmates who are lacking and need to receive a practical gift for God’s love for them.

Due to the quarantine and inability to move on our own, the prison management sent a military vehicle to pick us up from our house so that we can deliver our love gift donations for the many foreigner women inmates in the administrative prison.

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