Injured Factory Worker Drawn to God’s Love by Christian Couple


CHWC May 2017 Update woman sewing


A trained Christian couple was working in a cloth factory. They did what the Apostle Paul did as tent-makers. They work in the factory during the day and preach the Word and meet with believers at other times.


One day in the factory, a Sichuan girl’s finger was stabbed through by a machine needle. It bled and was very painful. She went to the manager to ask for leave. But the manager said, “We don’t have enough people now. You can’t leave. Just go and wrap it. Come back soon to work.”


She had to continue working with tears. The Christian couple got to know what happened to her. During lunch time, they went to her and helped her get food at the factory cafeteria. Then they helped her wash the dishes so that her hands wouldn’t touch the water.


The girl asked, “Why are you treating me so well?”


The couple answered, “What we did is nothing.”


But the girl wouldn’t let them go and asked again and again, “Why?”


Then they said, “We are Christians. God loves you. We love you, too.” They didn’t say anything more than that.


The girl was so touched by their kindness. She said, “You are such nice people. Your God must be very good, too. I want to believe this God, too.” This is how she came to faith.


As millions of migrant workers go to the city to make a living, they suffer from missing their home and family, doing intensive work, less rest time, fewer resources and direct and indirect rejection. As they are being challenged by a new lifestyle, they also have a chance to hear the Good News.


This ministry in Southern China has the heart to reach these migrant workers in their context and challenges. Our Ministry leader shared, “This Sichuan girl’s story always encourages me to live among people at the foot of society.”


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