Indonesian Campers Learn from Joshua

Sundanese Youth Camp 2016
Sundanese Youth Camp 2016

Sudanese Christian Fellowship Camp 2016, our fifth year of camp, brought 62 youth from nine regions across Indonesia. Eleven youth were newcomers; the other 51 had been to last year’s camp. The ratio between guys and gals was about half.

Opening ceremony started camp off with a colorful show by the youth of Sundanese traditional music and dance. This year’s theme was “New Generation” where messages were about Joshua, a young man of God who led the Israelites to the Promise Land. He is the best role model for modern world youth. Our prayer was that the campers would learn how God could use them to lead their generation.

After each main speaker, campers broke into small groups to discuss the message and how they could relate it to their lives. During the talent show, participants were divided into six groups and each group had to prepare a drama according to the story of Joshua which helped youth to soak in the lessons.

Sports were the youth’s favorite activity! Relay and balloon races and a version of football brought campers together as one big family.

At a revival service, five youth made decisions to follow Jesus and one chose to be baptized. Three received healing in their bodies, and three others decided to follow God’s calling to become an evangelist!


Youth’s comments: “Camp was too short!” “I learned to be more confident and closer to God.” “I look forward to next year’s camp.” 

IOSC-Summer camp.Praying together. Aug 2016 IOSC-Relay races at camp. Aug 2016 IOSC Camp 2016


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