Indian Women in Lord’s Labor

INVI-IWILL commissioning service

Fourteen women from IWILL were commissioned. Rev. Dr. J S, the Chairperson of TENT, our parent ministry, handed out the certificates. One of the commissioned women is from West Bengal. She shared, “I am a new believer and my husband is a pastor. This training has given a new outlook to my ministry. I want to impart the knowledge I have received to the believers of our church. Above all I want to reach the unreached people groups in my locality. It is my prayer that the Lord will multiply our work.”

Former Brahmin’s Story. “M” is from a highest stratum of Indian society, the Brahmin caste. It is difficult for people from this social stratum to accept Jesus. But the Lord has His ways! One of our Master Trainers shared the Gospel with “M,” and she accepted Jesus. She then attended our six-month Master Trainers orientation and was commissioned November 2015. Soon after her commissioning, M shared the Word with one of her Brahmin friends, who later accepted Jesus. M is now a teacher in an English medium school and has shared the Word with more than 30 of her colleagues and friends. Twenty of them are keen on accepting Jesus. It is a joy to know that recently M’s mother and sister have accepted Jesus and they are praying regularly in their home. Her father, however, is not a believer yet but he does not oppose prayers.


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