India in Crisis

You may have heard about the situation in India. About the lack of oxygen and ventilators. The official death toll is most likely severely undercounted, and people are dying before they can receive medical help as they wait in lines at overcrowded hospitals and shelters. Funeral pyres are going up in any open spaces because cremators are overwhelmed.

feeding kids with masks on

There is no family in India right now not affected by COVID. This crisis has affected many of our ministry workers too. Some are sick, some have lost family and friends. But some are recovering and clinging to Jesus through all of this.

Our ministry partners are serving where they can but are constrained right now because of the lockdown. People are only allowed out for a few hours in the morning to get food and essentials within walking distance.

Some of our ministry partners have been contacted by the poor and the sick. Because they’ve helped provide food and help in the past, people are turning to them. Many have nowhere else to turn to. They are working to provide oxygen and beds at pop-up sites after lockdown ends for the poor and marginalized that can’t get into the hospital. Others are helping by providing food for grieving families and a place to pray.

Please continue to pray for India, for all those who are sick and grieving right now. Pray for the ministries as they continue to serve.

If you feel led to give, you can help us meet our financial year-end need. Your gift will go where it is needed most to support ministry workers worldwide, including our Ministry Partners in India.

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