Inaugurating a New Community Building

When the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th three years ago, one of the most affected areas saw nine thousand people dead, ten thousand people injured, and another half a million people become homeless. A few weeks later, help for this village came from outside – from organizations like Partners International and the Leadership Training Department of NCF. We provided relief items, medical treatment, and relief to twelve hundred families and temporary houses to 180 people there. The earthquake destroyed many church buildings, and it happened during their worship services. In one of the villages, a small community of Christians was worshiping in a mud structured house. When the ground began to shake, the small hut collapsed and four people were badly injured. Afterward, they had to hold their services in a temporary tin house. This was very difficult, especially in the summer and winter.

The earthquake also damaged the irrigation dam, which was the main source of irrigation and drinking water for cattle of the villagers. When we visited, the villagers told us this was their most urgent need, so NCF Nepal began work on these repairs, as well as on a new church building. This project will provide a place to worship for Christians, but will also serve as a gathering place for social purposes and other community meetings. It will be a free children’s center for children of any faith. Overall, this project will benefit two hundred people and will provide irrigation and drinking water to twenty-five families. Ultimately, this will lead the improvement of this area’s economic condition.

Partners International and the Church Mission Society have financially and prayerfully supported these villagers ever since the earthquake, and now the projects are finally complete. The community building and repaired dam were both inaugurated on April 15th, and over 250 people witnessed the ceremony, including guests from Partners International, NCF board members, pastors, leaders, and local people from other faiths. Partners International representatives were present to inaugurate the community building, as well as to encourage the participants with scripture.

A 75 year old community member was one of the believers honored at this ceremony for his contribution of the land for the community building. Many other believers contributed financially and through labor, and they were recognized as well.

Not only does this building represent a better facility, but also the expanding of God’s Kingdom. God’s people in and around this area were praying for more Christian activity in this land. All the people who witnessed this historic event thanked God for His wonderful work.

A fifty year old local villager (and non-believer) and his family attended the inauguration ceremony, and there he shared with us how he has benefited from this project. The earthquake ruined his home, and afterwards his whole family were forced to live together in a tent. This was especially difficult during summer and the rainy season, but they had no other options. Thanks to this project, they were provided with relief materials and temporary housing, and are now safe from the heat, rain, and storms.

In the time after the earthquake, this family also struggled with lack of irrigation water. They are thankful to everyone involved in repairing the dam and constructing new reserve tanks, as they are now able to grow vegetables, crops and have drinking water for their cattle. They are also thankful for the community building, as it will help to organize their community meetings and educate and care for their children.

Please continue to pray that people will sense the love of Jesus through his children who are witnessing in that region.


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