Improving quality of life

SPPM March 2017 Update group of women celebrating life at table


In North Africa we have several projects/centers focused on Muslim women. Their daily lives revolve around giving attention to their families and there are no activities that allow them to relate on a different level with other women.


They come to the centers to learn Biblical stories. The women receive care and attention from the workers. We always pray in the name of Jesus and are looking after their needs.


This is a comment from one of our students:


We are people who are socially devalued. We carry our disability, social discrimination and also the problems of our family of origin. We didn’t know that we could feel more attractive with simple things like a haircut or makeup. A secondary benefit is that we are acquiring skills to insert ourselves into the labor force. The sad faces of the women that started several months ago have brightened into glowing faces, filled with new hope. This is not a result of aesthetics but because of happiness in the heart which is reflected in the face.


We pray for profound changes for eternity in the lives of these women and their families. Thanks for partnering with us!


Learn more about this ministry here.

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