Imparting Into Teachers

Our Alatoo team was grateful for an opportunity to teach in the educational sphere of our society in Central Asia as we taught teachers who teach children.

We held trainings for 22 social teachers from the whole region. Social teachers are school teachers who are responsible for the social development and training at schools. They observe the children, trace those who seem to have problems, try to prevent kids from dropping off school, identify and help socially vulnerable families, and find children at risk.  This is an official position supported by local governments.

KGIC July Aug 2019 update1

Training this group of people is highly valuable and important. These were the best social teachers from the whole region. The subjects we taught were “Authentic Life,” “AIDS,” “Human Trafficking,” “Five Love Languages,” and “Forgiveness.” They seemed to really appreciate us and gave high marks for the quality of our trainings. The participants were very grateful and promised to share what they were learning with their students. We could feel the warmth of His Presence during the sessions.

KGIC July Aug 2019

Here’s an excerpt of what the participants said about the training:

We can say that you are so different from other trainers we have had. You have taught and showed us what true love and forgiveness is. Love and kindness were shining through you and you were very patient with us during the sessions. A lot of information was new and presented in understandable language.

It was a great joy to see the happy faces of the children who greeted us as we arrived each day. It seems their minds are lightened with new information they are learning about how to prevent disease, about addictions, love, and forgiveness. They are so happy and eagerly want to share with others.

Soon we plan to give the teachers a task to organize something to raise awareness about “Human trafficking.” Probably they would like to make some drama or organize some flash presentations. We are seeing how God guides us in this sphere.


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