Impacting Families, Women, Youth

In the last few months, we have provided trainings for different groups, equipping them in health, discipleship, and other lessons. The trainings, the “Coffee Life Club,” and the TB center ministries are all going well, praise God. And our families are safe. We are so happy that God is using us to share the Gospel and bring people to salvation.

In a training about health, participants actively shared their ideas and opinion about God’s love. One participant said that not only sharing tea helps build relationships, but so does dealing with problems in the local church and showing love to people in the community through good deeds. As church members see fruits of cooperation, they will be spiritually reinforced and encouraged. This will help them change their views and know and accept each other more. The group also learned how to identify visible and invisible problems in their community.

In another training about disciple making, families understood the process and want to continue this training and serve other people. The training was simple to understand and addresses all aspects of life. Participants noted that this is a good approach to ministry. They told how God is preparing people they have shared with. Here’s one testimony:

I shared the book “The 5 Love Languages” with my friend and his wife. In time, the wife saw a change in her husband that impacted their family life in a good way. I also shared a lesson about anemia with my wife and relatives. It was very useful for them to learn about anemia and healthy nutrition. I want to serve with my brothers in Christ. I am praying for God to show me how to start this ministry. In the church, everyone agrees that doing good deeds is important, but even if they think it is a good thing to do, they have not yet reached the point of action. I know many talented people in our church and pray for them to discover their potential for the glory of the Lord. 

Empowering Women

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We also held our first seminar for a women’s group. One of the women was so excited she praised God that He had heard her prayers. She has been wanting training like this to enhance her knowledge for her ministry of serving unbelievers. She said, “Three years ago, ministers came to our village and gave us lessons, but our country’s political situation was unstable and we didn’t get through the lessons.

Ever since then, I prayed that God would prepare people to teach us.” This story touched us that God works and prepares people at the right time!

In a second training for women, the women had a lot of questions. We felt that God was truly leading us during this training. Through the lessons God helped them to see their challenges. Until now they have not known or thought about wholistic development of individuals or community. They are working on identifying visible and invisible problems in their community.

Coffee Life Club 

In one meeting we talked about forgiveness and had an art therapy session with 16 youth. During this therapy, many of them realized they had unforgiveness toward themselves and others. They said, “This lesson gave us motivation for our lives. We sometimes do not notice resentment, pain, and fear, but now we know how to get rid of unforgiveness. This session gave us feelings of relief and peace in our hearts.” Having heard this, we were once again convinced that God prepares people at the right time, and that this topic was useful and edifying. We felt God’s guidance through the whole youth meeting. Indeed, you must entrust your work to the Lord, and your plans will come true. 

Our team also prepared a lesson for 10 teenage orphans. The theme of the lesson was from the Apostle Paul: “I do not consider myself an accomplished person, but only forgetting everything that is behind and looking forward, I strive towards the goal” (Phil. 3:13). This lesson was an impetus for the youth, and they were motivated to dream, to step out of their comfort zones, and to reach their goals in order to live a meaningful life. Often, after graduating from the orphanage, they have no place to go and no support, so it is easy to lose meaning in life. This meeting was very helpful for them, and they were very grateful. We thank God for His plans for these teenagers and for bringing them here.

TB Center

During the pandemic, there were a few patients at the TB center. We visited them and shared Bible stories with them. Those with this illness live without hope and are isolated, their eyes dull. They were happy to see us again and enjoyed the stories. They said they are grateful to the Lord and thanked us for coming. May God bless them and open their hearts to His heaven.

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for our families.
  • Please pray for stability in our country. We believe that all authorities are from God and we need to honor them. That’s why we ask prayer that our new President loves God, lives by His Word, and fears the Lord. Our nation wants to live like David in his reign.  
  • Please continue to pray for the TB center patients and medical staff. May many of them come to know the living God and get joy from fellowship with Him.
  • Continue to pray for Coffee Life Club—that many young adults will come to know God.
  • Please mention in your prayers our ongoing trainings and participants.

Thank you for your warm prayers from heart to heart. May God bless you.

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