Former Muslim Imam is Now Following Christ

In spite of the severe wave of persecution by the authorities since the summer of 2017 during which time 13 churches have been closed down, God still at work here in Algeria! We at House of Hope have held all the summer camps that we planned to hold.

ALHH Sept Oct 2019 update Iman now knows the way of life

The Lord is bringing His people out of darkness into His marvelous light! We baptized 10 new believers, including a former Imam (Muslim religious teacher), a true fundamentalist. Read the former Imam’s testimony . . .

 “After nine years as a Muslim Imam, I always taught and believed I was on the right path. One day I came across a Christian TV channel in Arabic, my mother tongue. I was fascinated by the teachings. My Islamic beliefs were being challenged. I continued to watch those programs, checking all that was said about Islam, the Koran, and the life of Prophet Mohammed. But the fact is, I could not find any conflict in what they were saying. I had no answers that satisfied my soul. 

Muslim Imam
Cannot show faces due to safety concerns.

“My doubts became deeper and deeper. I had many restless nights. Finally, I decided to get in touch with Algerian believers with the help of the TV program. 

“I had many questions. They helped me answer my questions and explained to me the way of salvation in the Bible. After many meetings, I decided to give my life to Jesus. Now I have peace and have a true relationship with God.”

Dear Supporters, thank you for your love, care, and prayers. It is people like this that you are helping to bring into the Kingdom with your prayers and support. Truly your labor in Christ is not in vain.

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  1. chonyi

    I’m touched by the work you are doing for Christ, may the great God add more blessings to your resources so that you can reach unreachable. MAY the Lord bless the missionary team.

    your concerned believer
    chonyi Simon.


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