Your International Day for the Unreached Prayer Guide!

The International Day for the Unreached is on June 9. A prayer guide has been made to walk you through praying for every region of the world in preparation for this day.


A special event will also be hosted on June 9 by the Alliance for the Unreached to raise awareness about the state of the unreached. The Alliance for the Unreached is a collaboration of 14 ministries who are passionate about inspiring and challenging Christ followers to better understand their calling to impact the unreached.


This event will inspire and mobilize believers across North America and beyond to ignite a fresh passion to reach people groups that have little or no access to a local church or the Gospel.




2 Responses to “Your International Day for the Unreached Prayer Guide!”

  1. Christian

    I love soul wining

  2. Benson mosoti

    I’m from Kenya where many are thirsty. They need to be turned from darkness to light but we are unable. Kindly welcome you to Kenya and win more souls to Christ and break them from bondage.


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