Idols to Break Down

burning incense Tibetan Buddhism is so rooted in Tibetan people’ life and heart. At festival time, Tibetan people get together to celebrate the festival and worship their gods. A lot of old Tibetan women roll small prayer wheels in their hands and chant this six syllabled mantra “Om mani padme hum”. This sound is everywhere in the air. People go to the temple to roll huge prayer wheels, to burn incense, to worship gods. A lot of people spend money for carved stones with the six syllabled mantra. Then they place the stones along the roadsides, river walls or elsewhere as a prayer for good luck and protection from evil spirits.

A local Field workers heart wrenches whenever he sees these things. In a recent experience, when Brother D was in pain at seeing this, a worship song came to his heart. The name of the song is Hi-Ne-Ni. It means, (here am I):

“Oh, Lord my God; please make me put down what I love in my heart. Oh, Lord my God; please shatter the idol in my heart. Until, in worship, I offer myself as sacrifice. No regrets. Never look back. Until, at your altar, I see your vision for me. No regrets. Here am I. Hi-Ne-Ni, Hi-Ne-Ni; burn me and send me! Here am I. Hi-Ne-Ni, Hi-Ne-Ni; burn me and send me! Here am I. Hi-Ne-Ni.”

Please pray that:

  • After searching for Him so many centuries, each seeking Tibetan will find the True One.
  • The Lord breaks the idols in Tibetan life, hearts and sets them free from their fears.
  • Even though, at times, it seems hopeless to save Tibetan people from the darkness, the local field workers will stand strong and figure out how to show His love to those seeking.

Tibetan people worshiping idols

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