Human Trafficking Awareness for a Community

Children are becoming more and more susceptible to fall victim to human trafficking through social media channels. A rally to create awareness of this issue was conducted recently in an area where we work. Twenty-five teenage children participated in street plays that were meant to inform the community about various types of trafficking. They discuss how today’s youth are being lured in through their excessive use of social media, such as sharing pictures over WhatsApp and other platforms, and how it has put several children in harm’s way.

In addition, similar sessions were held for school students ages 13-16 years. Two hundred students and ten teachers were present. These sessions were done in two batches, and the students had a lot of questions. The teachers were very appreciative, and have said that they will follow up with the students on these issues.

After many years of pursuing and encouraging mothers to allow their daughters to participate in our vocational training to prepare for employment, two girls have completed hair stylist training and are now employed full time. This is a huge breakthrough, as women have taken a long time to accept that their daughters can also make a name for themselves, and how empowerment adds to their self-esteem.

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