House for Refugees


At our center designed for refugee care this past year, we have had several different refugees. We work closely with the United Nations representative, who notifies us when someone is in need of help. Most of the time, women from Iran or Iraq are housed, but we have also had women from various African countries.

Several refugee ladies from various countries are still hosted there and are accepted with love. Due to our limited resources, only three women can be hosted at a time. There is big need for help and materials as doors open for sharing the Gospel among people fleeing from ISIS.


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  1. Carla Hopwood

    I am a student at the School of Divinity and writing a paper on the Yezidi Refugees. Do you work with Yezidi Refugees? Additionally, have you seen any conversions and if so, can you share (changing names as necessary)?

    • Partners International

      Hello Carla,

      Thanks for messaging us! We’re looking into whether we can get you some direct quotes from some of the refugees. You will be emailed directly if it’s possible.



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