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For the past three years, in the border region where we serve, we have met every Thursday to hold a Bible study for immigrants. Participants are usually from Muslim majority nations. Some of them are living here temporarily while they wait for papers to allow them to travel. Others cross the border from a neighboring country simply to join us for the Bible study.

We gather together in a space we will call House of Light, which is quite known among those who travel through our region. In this space, we carry out a study of the Word for all those who are interested to come; some participants attend regularly, while others have attended only once.

In this space, many persons of Muslim background have passed through, and as they have progressed in the study of the Word, have come to know Christ as their Savior and been baptized. A number of them no longer meet with us, because they have received their papers to leave the city. However, we have put each one in contact with new fellowships where they can meet other believers and continue growing in their faith.

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One particular young man named Abdel came to our city with his wife and two sons. He began to attend our study and became more and more interested in the Bible. After a short while, he never missed a study, and always had many questions about the Word of God.

Each Thursday, Abdel would bring a friend, or at times several, that they might also learn about Jesus. He understood from his study of the Word the importance of sharing the Gospel with others.  

In seeing Abdel’s commitment and understanding of the Word, we asked him to lead some of the studies. Given that we were studying the Word in his language, we knew that he would be able to explain even more clearly and help others understand it better.

Abdel has seen several of his friends receive their papers and permissions to travel, and he continues to wait with patience for the moment God opens this door for him. He trusts God that he and his family will soon be able to travel.

For us, it will be a great sadness when Abdel leaves because he has been a big blessing. He has great dedication to share and teach the Word of God.

In spite of opposition from his fellow countrymen, he has also been meeting at the temporary residence for immigrants to study the Bible with a group of friends. It is very probable that in the coming month, Abdel will be traveling with his family. He has been a person of peace in our city; we pray for his safety, and we pray for many others like him.

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