Hope for the sick through donated medicine

Barthimee Hospital Nurse showing medicine

Medicine brings relief to a young girl with a skin condition

Inter-Senegal Mission, our Ministry Partner in Senegal, works with Barthimee Hospital to supply surrounding villagers with the best medicine available. At the same time, the staff shares with them the love of Jesus. Our generous donors have helped provide for the shipping of millions of dollars worth of quality medicine to benefit Barthimee.


One young girl, Damaris, dealt with severe eczema that plagued large portions of her body and was spreading fast. She was embarrassed to go to school. It got so bad that Damaris had to have her head shaved so they could apply the medicine. Such an easily treatable condition could have quickly become a severe, deadly infection if Damaris hadn’t had the right medicine to treat it.


Damaris holding medicine
Damaris with medicine for her family.

The doctors were able to diagnose Damaris and treat her with medicine that had been donated and shipped last year, thanks to compassionate supporters like you. Damaris quickly healed once she got the proper medicine and support from Barthimee Hospital.


“When I took this medicine, the pain immediately stopped on the same day!” Damaris said. “If I have to go to another hospital, I would have some fear. But I don’t fear coming to Barthimee Hospital. People here are welcoming and kind, and the medicine is very good.”


Damaris says that when she goes to Barthimee Hospital she feels safe and unafraid. Since Damaris had such great success at the hospital, her entire family continues to trust Barthimee with all of their medical needs. The four girls and their mother have been going to Barthimee for their painful stomach cramps and feminine needs. Damaris’ mother says they go to Barthimee because “…the medicine at Barthimee is better than medicine at the local pharmacies.”


Most Senegalese people avoid hospitals because they are too expensive. Instead, they go to privately owned pharmacies or local natural healers, neither of which are licensed or regulated by the Senegalese government. But, thanks to the medical shipments, Barthimee offers affordable, quality health care to those who would otherwise go without. In addition to the amazing medical service at Barthimee, patients and their families hear the saving message of the Gospel!


Damaris says, “I want more medicine to come so that more children will be healed. Adults and elderly, too! If I have friends who suffer, I will recommend them to go to Barthimee Hospital.”

We have $8 million of medicine waiting to be shipped

Will you help make sure boys and girls just like Damaris get the medical treatment they need?

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