Hope for children

Talibe Soccer MatchSanyi is a Muslim Talibe (disciple) who is learning the Koran and also frequenting the PRODEV care center. He says:

My name is Sanyi, and I am 16. I started visiting the PRODEV center when I was 10. That very year I had dropped out of school while in 6th grade. Currently, I only learn the Koran. However, at the center, I have the opportunity to do literacy. It helps me keep up with my reading and my multiplication tables. Several of us are learning these things for the first time.

Sanyi appreciates the help from the center. He said, “I appreciate the fact that they respect us, and we pay them back with the same respect. I am thankful that we are given soap to do laundry. We also have a meal before returning to our Koranic school.”

The PRODEV care center has good relationships with the Koranic teachers. This allows the ministry to serve the kids in various ways.

When he grows up, Sanyi wants to become a soccer player. The care center formed a soccer team that frequently meets with other local teams. As we interviewed Sanyi, he was preparing a match with a church youth team.

Like Sanyi there are 500,000 children in the country who need to discover another version of life. For this teenager, respect and dignity were his happiest discoveries. Children like him also need to be in touch with people like S*, the activity leader, and other ministry workers or community members whose life and advice could be inspirational.

Name* has been changed for security. 

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