Hope and Worth from Training Centers

Thousands of men pursue overseas jobs due to the ever-increasing unemployment in Nepal. It has become a growing concern for Nepal. This has resulted in more women congregations in the churches. Therefore, we conducted special month-long residential leadership trainings for laywomen in all our training centers. We conducted 8 batches of one-month long women residential leadership training with a total of 80 women attended these sessions. 

NPNC march April 2020

Chaha no longer feels useless! 

Chaha completed one-month residential women leadership training from our Eastern Leadership Training Center last June.

Before coming to the center, she was an ordinary believer. She felt shy and could not speak in front of people. She did not have any biblical knowledge and considered herself useless. She came for training because she desired to learn the Word of God. 

The training changed her perception of life and of herself. She has become courageous to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. She has started to speak boldly in front of the congregation. Now, she can speak from the Bible. She does not hesitate to share her testimony of God’s work in her life and family. 

After the training, Chaha is continuing her farming along with ministry. The church pastor gave her responsibilities like leading cell group and women’s fellowship. She has started a small church in her village. In spite of her husband’s serious medical conditions, she continues to serve the Lord. Her passion to learn new skills is increasing. She attended a 3-day “Servant Leadership” training and joyfully shares the impact the training has made in her personal and spiritual life. Now, she has a ministry to run, a husband to look after, and a field to plant and harvest. She no longer feels useless! 

Women’s Leadership Seminar & Workshop 

Leadership Training Department organized a women’s leadership seminar last April. This seminar trained 25 ladies from various backgrounds. The purpose of the seminar was 1) to help participants understand their value as children of God; 2) to encourage them for God’s service, and 3) encourage them to come for the one-month residential leadership training. 

The participants had to walk for 4-5 hours to reach the venue as the training was organized in the hilly region. Even the condition of the roads was not good. 

 Three attendees were given an opportunity to multiply the women’s training in their local areas. They conducted 4 trainings in 4 different areas with 169 women attending. Topics taught included Effective Leadership, Truths about Abortion, Forgiveness, Godly Leadership & Influence, Three-legged Race (Working Together), and How to Influence Your Marriage. The participants were eager and excited to learn what the Word says on these matters. 

Similarly, Leadership Training Department organized 2 three-day Servant Leadership Trainings in partnership with Women in the Window International last December. A total of 82 ladies from different church groups and locations attended the training. WIW team facilitated the training. From this training, they were able to distinguish between worldly and servant leadership, got an overview of and basic understanding of the 5 disciplines of servant leadership, and determined their specific spiritual gift so that they could be more effective servant leaders. Some participants committed to train and guide other women in women’s fellowships, house fellowships, youth fellowships, and small groups. 

Names have been changed and locations removed for security.

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