Hoodlums’ Plans Thwarted

Every year Living Gospel Ethiopia trains more than 300 church planters and leaders with kingdom principles for church leadership, outreach and missions. Before the trainees can continue to the next level of training, they are required to use what they learned and bring people to Christ and plant a church.

One of our trainees was proclaiming the Gospel in his assigned area. It was in the northern part of Ethiopia where there are very few believers. One day while he was preaching, a group of young hoodlums came wanting to attack him. (The trainee learned later that they had planned to kill him.)


Suddenly, one of the youth told the others, “First, let’s see what this guy’s got to say.”  They all agreed and started to listen.


It wasn’t long before one of the youth told his friends, “I am going to the front.”


“Why?” they asked.


“I need to repent and give my life to Jesus Christ!” he replied. “I need that peace that the preacher talks about!”


As he started to go to the front, seven of his buddies joined him. Eight young people accepted Christ that day. Now they are being discipled and are preparing themselves for baptism.

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