Holistic Mission with the Africa Inland Church – South Sudan

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ! We trust that the Lord will touch you, as you see how the Lord is using AIC-South Sudan to build His kingdom in another part of the world. I write about projects for which you have sent funds and prayed, helping to bring much fruit for His glory.

Lotimor Mission Station  

The Lotimor Mission Station in far Eastern Equatoria is located where the Nayngomtom people live. Missionaries working there report that despite the uncountable challenges and prayer needs for the church, community and workers, God continues to grant them the strength to accomplish what he wants them to do according to His will. Currently, the mission is holding discipleship training to prepare new converts for baptism. About seventeen converts have recently been baptized. Baptism at Lotimor Station

The missionaries at Lotimor have also been given a struggling primary school, church and clinic by the community, with the hope that Lotimor would be able to develop them positively. At this point, funds are still unavailable for the project, so classes are being held under the shade of a tree. Sometimes rain or strong winds interrupt the learning process, but seventy students are still attending regularly. Our missionaries see the area as a good mission field, asking prayer for more workers and funds.

Micro-loans for women

A number of women have received micro-loans through the Transformation Group (TG), which has been established to enable women to start their small business in the market. When the women return their loans, money is re-loaned to benefit others and improve their livelihood. Thus far, thirty-one women benefited from a micro-loan, and we anticipate that the program will be able to benefit one hundred women after just one year. The women who have been helped engage in small business, such as selling charcoal, vegetables, fruits, cooking oils, salts and cosmetics, but they have also reported that their businesses have been affected by inflation, finding that fewer people are currently able to buy their products. In a positive account, though, Amna is named, a woman who established a clinic in Munuki, and says that the micro-loan enabled her to increase her stock of medicine. Many patients are helped on account of her business. She thanks God for such support.

Nadia, a mother of seven, is another example. She started a business selling perfume and cosmetics and says, “The micro-loan and the knowledge I gained from the TG helps me improve our family income. One day my husband asked me, ‘Where did you get this money?’ I was so glad to be able to tell him about the Transformation Group, which trains and supports our activities.”

Animal and agricultural banks

In other news, one of our pastors is raising seven goats, another is growing vegetables, and a group of seven elders and a pastor in another village are growing a vegetable garden. The goal of growing such vegetables together is to provide an extra income to support the families and the church. We anticipate that a total of fifteen pastors will be helped in a single year. Follow-up will than be pursued, in order to enable the pastors to extend the project to more pastors in other locations. Additionally, to improve vegetable capacity and output, an oxen and plow will be provided to pastors in Lobone, so that they can engage in agricultural instead of livestock production. Again, this project will support many pastors, most of our pastors in the Eastern Bank, from Lobone to Parjok, as well as in the Obbo and Madi areas. Up to twenty pastors, two hundred church members, and their families will be supported in the region.

Please pray…

  • for our teams and their families, who sacrificially serve the Lord. Pray for strong marriages among these families.
  • for more workers in the harvest fields and the funds to support them.
  • for peace in our country.
  • for children in our primary schools, to learn, come to faith Jesus and have productive lives.

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