Holistic churches spring up in urban areas

CHFC June 2017 Update East asia community holistic outreach


In East Asia traditional churches are big, but introverted. Believers meet inside church walls, singing, praying, and listening to sermons. They have no idea about missions. They don’t share the Good News intentionally. They seldom think about what the neighbors need. At the same time, one city has trained nearly the most seminarians in the entire country. However, most of them are not serving at church for different reasons.


With holistic concepts in mind, we have been encouraging local seminarians to plant new churches in the community and for the community.


We happily assisted the first community church started in HD City. The leader is a young graduated seminarian. Compared with other traditional churches, this one is quite small. At the very beginning, it separated one tenth of giving as its mission fund. We are thankful to see that they are interacting with their neighbors. Believers teach the neighbors dance to worship songs, visit seniors, and give free blood pressure tests. The neighbors love it and welcome it.


Other young seminarians heard of this new church. They wanted to follow this example. So we assisted in starting a second community church. This church leader graduated from a university, then he studied at a seminary. The community he serves is bigger than the other one. More than 30 people are coming now. They teach children English and piano. Also, the believers do some other community service projects. The first church comes to help sometimes.


Now a third community church in this city is in its starting phase. It’s close to a new train station.


Please pray that:

  • Young local seminarians will find ways to serve after graduation.
  • New churches will grow in maturity at holistic community development so that people can learn about the Good News.


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