HIV Takes a Life

General Situation

There is a spontaneous street labor market in a city. It’s difficult to find jobs due to the declining economy. According to the working skill sets, labor workers gather into groups, chatting all kinds of rumors while waiting for their possible employers.

Migrant workers are mostly middle-aged men. They are separated from their spouse and sadly, at times, turn to prostitutes. Most of the migrant workers are not willing to pay for it. Therefore, some of them try to have homosexual relations.


Juanmao was a frequent visitor to one of many city slum hostels that migrant workers stay at. Three years ago, he was infected with tuberculosis. He could not work anymore, so he returned to his hometown village. When the ministry worker visited him there in September 2015, one of his arms was necrotic. Pains disabled him from normal life. He was tested to be HIV positive. His situation was very serious. 19 days after the visit, Juanmao died. This case is not alone.

HIV Test

Pray that:

  • More workers and volunteers will join this ministry to serve migrant workers.
  • The ministry team will find an effective way to train this people group to live and work according to His Truth.
  • Even though the migrant workers are moving around, they will find God and start following Him.

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