HIV Ministry Forced to Relocate Once Again

HIV Ministry Forced to Relocate Once AgainRecently, we were suddenly notified by the landlord that we had to move to a new location in the next six months. This would be the eighth time we have been forced to relocate.

Right now, we have three separate apartments on the same street. One is the office for HIV ministry, one is our church of twenty senior believers, and the last is the orphanage. All three of these apartments need to be cleared out by June next year. We just renovated the office to train more college volunteers in our HIV ministry.

It is another time of suffering and frustration due to relocation, just like the previous seven times.

We first started to care for people with HIV, because we believe that they are the present-day lepers. Society has rejected them, but we want to love them. Though we tried our best to explain, this action of love cannot be understood by the neighbors, even the churches. Almost every time that we have been forced to relocate over the last seven years has been because of our involvement with this group of people. Lack of knowledge is what leads to this misunderstanding: local people think that they might get infected with the HIV virus if they live in a community where HIV infected people constantly show up. Because of this, the neighbors always report bad things about us in order to force the landlord to kick us out. The other times we had to relocate, we were too poor to afford the apartment rent. However, the Lord has always been faithful in opening doors for us.

We have been praying for many years that we would be able to purchase a small multi-function building that could be used for all of our ministries – taking care of orphans, training HIV high risk people (college students, migrant workers, etc.), helping HIV patient and their families, and providing services to help and develop other needy people in our community.

Please kindly pray for us that the Lord would show his will and way for us. Maybe this is the time He will provide a place for us to settle down, or maybe this is another time we need to suffer with the Lord.

May His timely provision come! We want to keep going with Him anyway.

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