High schoolers gain practical help in making life choices

The first part of this month we in Alatoo conducted our last trainings for this year for high school students:

  • How to plan for marriage
  • Bad habits
  • Planning for your future.

We had 73 students from one village and 80 from another. Thankfully the 15 teachers from both schools knew us from our previous trainings for their children on healthy nutrition, dental care, etc.

The “Planning for your future” was a new concept for these high schoolers! They couldn’t imagine their future, had no plans and didn’t know how to identify a profession and how to earn money. It’s because our country’s economy is poor. Also, most parents still decide everything for their children so the children don’t learn how to make their own decisions. Parents can choose a profession and also a spouse for their children. They never teach their children to have own choice and who they are or identify their talents. It is a sad mentality in many of the villages in our country.

We praise God that we could explain to the teens about the value of life, value of being human, value of the themselves and their community. At the end of the session, the trainers distributed handouts to the students to be completed at home to help them identify themselves using meaningful life principles. (Who am I? Where I am going? Where will I go?) They can use always this questionnaire to identify a new talent, habit or profession in the future.  May the Lord bless their life and choices!

Students in High School B:

  • This was the first time ever the high school students had heard about planning for the future. They had many questions and were eager to understand how they can change their own life and help their community to develop in future. Of course, there were some guys who had no interest in their future. But their own classmates noticed them and told them, “Our future influences you too! Don’t be passive….”
  • This training was useful for identifying their meaning in life. Many of them didn’t know why they live or for what purpose they lived. Answering, the trainer could share why God created us and how we must live and also spoke about the meaning of life. The coach did not impose, but gave examples for thought. We hope that this seed will bear fruit and help many who have not yet found the path of truth.

Students in High School S:

  • The students of this village were significantly different from the other village. They were so interested, as if they were waiting for this kind of communication. They were listening to the trainer and asked many deep questions to gain advice in their life. Most of them didn’t know where they will go after graduation or what profession to choose. Trainer shared with his own experience and urged them to choose a profession that they love to do. After the trainer finished his explanations, the students began to understand their origins and who created them and gave them their talents.

Please pray:

  1. For Alatoo team’s family, health and work.
  2. For the ministry leader’s husband to heal completely from a serious disease. He is beginning to recover. Pray too for their daughter’s health.
  3. For new two villages that will be open for implementing our project in January. God’s provision when we choose new two villages.
  4. Thank God for our opportunity to work in the rural regions which need His love and light.


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