Helping the Unreached Touch the Heart of God

For those who have never heard the Gospel, touching the heart of God sounds like an impossible dream. But when they hear or read the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time, the light comes on.

Helping the Unreached Touch the Heart of God

It’s All About Access to God’s Word

For the two billion people in the world who have never encountered Jesus, it’s the living Word of God – written and oral – that leads them to touch the heart of God. The Holy Spirit softens their own hearts as they read or hear the Gospel, amazed by the truth of God’s unbounded love for them.


Join the Movement: Open the Way to God’s Heart

Join our live Facebook event from 9:00-9:30 a.m. (Mountain Time, USA), Sunday, June 9. Click here ( to join us for the release of a special program celebrating the International Day for the Unreached where you will be inspired to pray and take action to bring the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world.


The following members of the Alliance for the Unreached have been used by the Lord to bring about personal encounters with God through His inspired Word – encounters that will change the world:


Bibles For The World

Over six decades, Bibles for the World (BFTW, has distributed millions of Bibles, the Gospel of John, New Testaments, and Scripture portions to 123 nations. BFTW has also established a hospital and dozens of Christian schools, as well as a college and seminary in India.


World Mission

World Mission ( delivers the Word of God in audio format to oral learners living in unreached people groups – opening the way to God’s heart for millions who are unable to read the Bible.


The Seed Company

The Seed Company ( was founded in 1993 to help accelerate Bible translation work and bring God’s Word to the 2,000-plus people groups still without the Scriptures in their native language. The organization has completed 900 projects and started another 140.


Embrace your part in God’s relentless pursuit of all the nations of the earth.


Join us on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, for the International Day for the Unreached!

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  1. Kevin Nyamari

    My name is Kevin mabeta nyamari. I am a the founder and director of Nyasae ogokwana meaning God who speaks radio station ministry and with Jesus it’s possible radio station ministry. I am writing to request for your partnership with my ministry

  2. Rajnikant Amen

    I also do evangelical work in India, Many people need to hear the Gospel in many villages.


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