Helping Hand Opens Doors

Enoch and Esther continue to minister in a Fulfulde settlement near their village in Ghana. During one of their visits, a man from that community, Kwasi, approached them and told them his wife, Maame, was sick and asked if they could help. They assured him they would see what they could do.

When they returned home, Esther and Enoch narrated Maame’s issue to their eldest son, who is a public health officer. He then contacted a medical officer at a government clinic on behalf of Kwasi and his wife. Maame was invited to the clinic and was examined by the medical doctor. The doctor identified the issue and prescribed medications for her. Now, Maame’s health problem has been resolved and she is feeling much better.

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The love and concern this couple showed opened the door for Kwasi to ask questions about their life and faith. Kwasi is now a seeker and comes to their home for Bible studies every Tuesday. Enoch and Esther have also invited Kwasi to bring his wife Maame whenever he comes to the Bible study.

Please pray for Kwasi and Maame. Pray that as they seek the face of God and the truth, they will find it. Pray also for strength and endurance for Enoch and Esther as they take the Gospel to people who have never heard the salvation message.

Names changed for security

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