Helping to break the cycle of poverty

Roshan Life ministers in one of the most difficult and dark areas of Pakistan. The area is nearly 80 percent Sunni Muslim, and the people are deeply religious. Nominal Christians have lived in the area for more than 20 years, but are in minority, living in an overwhelmingly Islamic environment. The children’s parents are called “Sweepers,” doing jobs no one else will do — cleaning toilets and sweeping streets and government offices. They are rejected by the local people for their Christian faith and their low-level jobs and live in the most primitive conditions imaginable.


These nominal Christians are often pressured to embrace Islam or send their children to Islamic schools. The children, even very young ones, are often mistreated, beaten, and verbally abused. Also, because education is not free in Pakistan, poor families are at a significant disadvantage in accessing education.


Roshan Life wanted to help break the cycle of poverty for these people so they started a school for the lower grades (through fifth grade). The children live at a youth hostel run by the local church. They receive food, housing, and spiritual mentoring. After fifth grade, Roshan Life, through Partners International’s Sponsor A Child program, sponsors children to continue their education in public schools. These children are the first generation in the history of their families to attend school.


The academy educates both Muslim and Christian children, emphasizing the values of respect and love while providing a high quality education. Most public schools focus on theory and memorization, but Roshan Life employs professional teachers who encourage curiosity, self-confidence, and involvement in the arts, music, and sports.


The school has been on winter break due to the cold temperatures and poor electricity. The school will re-open in about 2 weeks. Pray that the staff would settle in quickly and be enthusiastic about the new school year.

Pray for Pastor Samuel who is the director of the academy and the pastor of the only church in the area. He carries a heavy load and needs more leaders to come alongside.

Pray for land! The academy is outgrowing its rented space! Land in the area is very expensive and hard to find. Pray for the “right” place and the “right” price! This is a very urgent need! Thank you!

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