Help unleash the unstoppable power of God’s Word

Unleash God's Word

Absolutely nothing can stop God’s Word from accomplishing its purpose.

Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that God’s Word is “living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword” – able to pierce even the darkest, most resistant communities with the life-transforming gospel.

The Word of God isn’t just powerful.  It’s unstoppable!

As we count down to the International Day for the Unreached on June 9, 2019, I want to invite you to join us to unleash the unstoppable power of God’s Word.  Click here to download your free Great Commission Action Guide – and you’ll discover how YOU can help play a vital role in sharing the world’s most powerful message with the more than 2 billion people who’ve yet to hear the gospel.

“… the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the nations” through the self-fulfilling power of His Word, the prophet Isaiah assures us (Isaiah 61:11).

When you join with us to take the Gospel to the unreached, you activate a divine searchlight that penetrates the darkest recesses of our world.

And when that divine searchlight shines into people’s hearts and lives, there’s nowhere they can hide. Hearing the truth of God’s amazing grace for the first time, repentance, praise, and gratitude flow freely.

This is YOUR moment to help unleash an unstoppable river of God’s grace among those who’ve never heard. Download your free guide today – and embrace your part in God’s relentless pursuit of all the nations of the earth.

Partners International is a founding member of the Alliance for the Unreached, which is a collaboration of 12 ministry organizations who are passionate about inspiring and challenging Christ followers to find a personal expression of the ministry to the unreached.

 P.S. Please take a moment to share this post with your pastor, small group, or friends, inviting them to join you in releasing the unstoppable power of God’s word among the unreached.

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