Heat Wave and Back to School

Our country has been experiencing a heatwave, the first in years. Children and families have suffered, especially those living in basements or very old houses. Our ministry received many requests for fans through phone calls and visits to our office, and we wanted to help as many people as we could. Praise God that 27 families received fans delivered to their doorstep.

September has always been the beginning of a new chapter in children’s lives as they start their own journey and a step toward their future. Every year we have a Back to School Campaign where we distribute school bags and stationery to children. We usually receive support from different parties, but this year we partnered with a local youth center that offered support during the pandemic.

We distributed school bags and stationery to 85 needy children, which was 20 more than last year. We’re ready for our mission this year working with students and the local youth center. We realized during this process that our precious toddlers are growing up and going to school, and we saw excitement from the children as they followed the safety measures for the pandemic. We hope to see fruitful partnerships in the coming months.

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