Hearing Jesus in a Dream

Jamal* is a young Muslim man who belongs to an Islamic group. He is a very religious man who prayed in the Mosque five times a day, as Islam and Koran require it. Jamal encouraged Muslim men to fight for Islam, even to the extreme that he organized a group of men to go fight. He planned to take this group into another country to fight, but just two days before starting their trip, he had a dream. In this dream, someone told him: “Don’t go!” Jamal thought it was Satan who had spoken to him, so he chose not to obey this dream.

The next day the group of men had a meeting for their trip and these men also had similar dreams the night prior. The night before leaving, Jamal had the same dream again, but this time the voice told him: “I am Jesus; follow me.”

Jamal woke up frightened and he thought for sure that this must have been from the evil one, so he read the Koran all night long. The group of men called Jamal at different times to tell him that they had had dreams. A few of them had a vision of an arm fighting for them and the only one who was not protected was Jamal. They collectively decided not to make the trip.

After these dreams lining up with each other and canceling the trip, Jamal started searching the Internet to find information about Jesus.  He followed some TV programs, searched the Koran and the Hadith (Holy books for Muslims) looking for the truth.

His father who had been very sick was suddenly healed. Jamal wondered how that happened. Since he had been researching Jesus, his mind and heart were open, and he was willing to accept Jesus. Our team began discipling Jamal, and now he has been baptized. We continue to share with him and pray for the rest of the group that had those dreams as well.

Thank you for praying with us and praying for this group of men.

*Name has been changed for security purposes

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