Healthy Family Living Trainings

The praise of God, the beginning of the year is blessed. We spent a year and a few months working on a strategic plan for Healthy Family Living. As well as finishing our annual reports about the projects.

We have run the Healthy Family Living project in two small villages in the past, we recently met with the village leaders to see if they were open to working together again. Our meetings with them went well, they agreed to continue the project since they were hoping that we’d continue. In the future, they want to organize project activities themselves, such as a cooking club, beauty salon, and street trainings. The Lord is working in their hearts and showing His light, love, and peace.

Health Training

We had a two-day training about anemia for leaders. These villages have a high percentage of anemic people – mainly women and children. Our team could share our experiences from different villages’ stories about health changing. Leaders from the two communities have actively attended the trainings and held their own neighborhood trainings with help from our Alatoo team.

All thanks to God, many of the villagers were involved, asked questions and shared that they would like to have more trainings in the future, they enjoyed learning new information. They were excited that they can improve their health through the way they eat. The villagers asked if next time we could share about eye diseases, goiter, and allergies. In the trainings, the villagers rest in His presence and felt peace, care, and love.

Alatoo- unsplash

Cooking Club

Our cooking club has tasks for people to go home and complete in between classes. As of mid-February, we provided a cooking club in two villages. We are excited that this year, three master chefs and their assistants will help during cooking club, and they will do master classes in neighborhoods in the two villages.

Village Meetings

The leaders of a village hosted and prepared lunch for us. They were thrilled continuing Healthy Family Living project. The head of the town came to the leaders meeting with his assistant and shared about his accomplishments in the town from last year. He was thankful for God and the Alatoo team that he is able to practice the things he learned from our trainings.

Our meeting in the village I** went well. The table was laid with sweets and salads by the leaders. They were waiting for us and wanted to promote some inactive leaders to active ones. They asked us permission, but we said it is up to them. They were pleased and began to call other leaders who want to join them. We believe that God is working in the heart of the leaders who eager to involve in Healthy Family Living activities.

Prayer Request of Alatoo

  • Team protection- we need your prayers for team protection in the villages. Usually, after we finish training a village, we feel tired like we have no strength. A* shared that he felt the pressure during the village training and in the evening, A started to feel worse. Next day he was sneezing and coughing.
  • For the village activities as street trainings on Hypertension and Stop trafficking and Cooking club
  • For team study on Disciple Movement Multiplication. The trainings are recurring One day each month. May the Lord will lead us.
  • Pray for Anastasia* who has a health problem. Pray for her mom who is taking care
*Names have been changed for security purposes.
**Village has been removed for security purposes.

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