Habbanaye Goat Project

The Habbanaye Project recently increased its number of beneficiaries thanks to your generosity. Huray from the Gulbawa village said, “I received two goats. I count it a grace to be part of this. I pray that God will lift you up and give you more opportunities to be useful to Him.”

Mrs. Hamissou from the same village said, “I am so happy! I will take good care of the animals that I just received. My prayer is that we’ll manage well, so that the ministry will be able to help others too.”

Mrs. Indo from Gangara village said, “I am proud of this opportunity God gave me. I will do my best, so that other villages will also benefit from the project. Thank you!”

The Habbanaye project aims to alleviate the condition of the poor. It currently has over 300 beneficiaries, apart from those who have been removed because they now breed on their own and engage in other trades.


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