Gulmim Association Women’s Development


This semester, about 600 people benefited from different areas of this project, and some 2,400 people were impacted. Five people professed faith in Christ. There is a new group that has formed, which meets weekly. We are carrying out Scripture training among these people. We see that believers are taking up the responsibility to share their faith.

Language will always be an obstacle as we are working with three ethnic groups at the same time, each of which has a different dialect. The Lord is teaching us to depend more on Him, and to be sensitive to His working in people.

This year we carried out a medical campaign in a town where we hope to share the Gospel. As we began the activity, we realized that no institution had ever before carried out an effort to benefit the health of the community. All of the community came to us to receive care, overwhelming our own capacity to be able to serve them. People walked more than 15 km to come. In one day, we were able to care for more than 250 people. There was so much need that it was impossible to send people away without giving them some kind of gesture of love and mercy. We prayed to the Lord that this need would be transformed into spiritual hunger for His Word.

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