Growing Our Children’s Program

Growing Our Children's Program

After many prayers, God has opened the door for us to record a program for children. We are so thankful to God that He led us to the right gifted person, who was able to do a great job as a presenter. We were able to record 26 episodes of curriculum that were 20 minutes each. This program tells stories from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a special way that attracts and catches a child’s attention.

What makes this program special are the children who act on the show. Two kids introduce the story of the day, then at the end they try to give a summary of all that has been told in the story, focusing on the biblical verse. Three other kids lead an activity, which introduces the story before it’s told by the presenter of the program. This program focuses on how to bring the Good News to kids at an early age. May the Lord use this program to transmit and introduce the Good News, especially to the North African kids!

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