Growing in faith

CHTM May 2017 Update Sharing the good news in faith


Zhuoma* is a Tibetan girl. Her elder brother has been coming to the Student’s Home for many years. He became a volunteer after junior high school. He works with a local field worker named David*.


Zhuoma was introduced to a Bible school in a Northeast city to study Music and Bible courses. In March, 2016, Zhuoma left her home and started her courses. She wants to come back after graduation.


Sometimes she would call the local worker, David. Her new habit was getting up at 4:00am to pray in the morning. During the call, she always encouraged David to get up early to pray, too. Before she hung up the phone, she would remind David to pray for her.


One day she shared the following; “I called my mom from the Bible school to let her know about my new faith and that I was baptized! I told her that she should believe as well!” Mom said, “Every time your Christian brothers come to visit me, they would pray for me. I can’t sleep after they leave. Now I don’t know which God is true!”


After one year of study, Zhuoma has learnt many Christian terminologies. When she came back to her hometown to spend time with Tibetan friends. Her friends found her speaking strangely and weirdly. They couldn’t understand some of her talking. She had changed and grown in her faith.


Please pray that:


  • Zhuoma will continue to know and obey God in her life, especially after graduation from Bible school.
  • Tibetan Christians like Zhuoma will find the best ways to share the Good News with their people.


Names* have been changed for security reasons. 


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