Growing Crops and Grace

Our market gardening project in a local Senegalese village launched a new campaign two months ago. It aims at bringing Christian witness to the community and its surroundings. The majority of the population here is composed of farmers, breeders, and traders, which positions the project well. The majority religion is Islam.

Zane, our chief farmer and missionary, hired two young local workers who spend a lot of time with him and have had several opportunities to hear the Gospel message.

Man holding basket of Okra smiling at camera

The project especially aims at influencing the way people approach work and business. In this area business is known to be based on profit and robbery. But since the project started two years ago, the community has been learning new ways of dealing with one another with more justice and the fear of the Lord.

Obi, a community leader said: “This project is a program that first transforms the mentality of the community. Then, it allows the workers to get out of poverty. Also, the project maintains the young people in the village, unless they take the way of rural exodus or emigrate. These positive changes are just the beginning, although the project still faces challenges. Many people in the region still experience deep poverty and the influence of religion. The weather is not always favorable to farming activities, and transporting products to sell is another challenge.”

Zane, our missionary, requests prayers for the following:

  • For good management of the project
  • For the campaign to reach the goal of 40 tons of products
  • For a breakthrough of the Gospel in the community

Names changed for security reasons.

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