Fes Morocco Water Well Project

I read the reports from my partners in ministry who are distributed like “salt on the earth” throughout the continents. I am impacted by knowing that, along with you who support us, our fellow ministries seek to build the Kingdom of God and His righteousness among the Muslim peoples.

The wave of refugees who are fleeing from poverty or persecution from the Islamic State has generated important changes in the world´s migratory panorama, and in particular in the countries where we serve. The requirements to receive residence permits have increased for our workers from Spanish-speaking countries. In one of our areas, two workers had to leave the country due to problems with their residence permits, and four people are still awaiting an answer. All of these had planned to serve in this country in these months, some with airline tickets already purchased.

For some governments, our “help for development” does not generate the same interest as it used to. There is new legislation in some of our countries to which our organization and the projects must adjust to maintain a legal status in the country. It is getting more and more difficult, even to do projects that really help the communities.

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