Gratitude for His faithfulness

JOEP June 2017 Update Wheel Chairs bring gratitude


We were happy to know that some inmates were released from prison and we helped them to find a place to live/stay until all release procedures and documentation are finalized, as well as introducing them into the different churches for discipleship. We also bought some plane tickets for some foreigners to travel back to their home countries to reunite with their families.


Upon the request of prison management, we provided one the prisons with several wheelchairs for the use of the inmates. We also visited several families of Jordanian and Arab inmates. Our hearts were broken for their needs and we tried to help as much as we could and visited and prayed for the sick ones.


Some of the released prisoners were invited along with their families to one of the local churches for a special event. They were offered a hot meal in addition to special gifts for their children and some supplies that included food and hygiene material. God is good and we are thankful for all that he is doing in us and around us. Thanks for your prayers and support!


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