Graduation – Reminds Us Where We Started


The Women’s Vocational Training Center Graduation started with Prayers


A few words from the Director:

“Celebrating the 11th Graduation and we are thankful to God having our guests from all over the region. When I was thinking about the graduation and I was filled with God’s joy. This training is such a big thing in our lives. It has been a privilege to start such great work to uplift the people in this region. We have found God is faithful during all our struggling and He is in the midst of our ups and downs.

I remember when I started this center in a storage room with no mats or chairs to sit on, just ten students and a purpose.”

Our Purpose

To communicate to women that they are of great value in the sight of God and have equal standing with men. To teach women practical skills so that they will be empowered to support their families and benefit their communities. To create harmony between the different sects and creeds by bringing them together and to share the love of God with them.

PASL jan feb graduation“God has given me a heart that desires to lift up people who were loved by God and are very important to Him. I decided to start something good that would benefit people who are the most marginalized segment of society. Many people were coming to me to share the burden with me. They wanted to help the marginalized with a skill development program, they had asked me to help them. Now we have students from all over.

When students visit us, I tell them that God loves everyone, we are all equal, no one is special. I tell them that we should honor our God and we should love our country, our people and our area.”

A few testimonies:

  1.  A student who was enrolled at this center completed her two years of training, not too long ago. Today she has her own training center in another District. The money she earns she uses to help her family. She is doing very well.
  2. We have another student who completed our one-year training. Now she works for the government and earns Fifty-thousand rupees each month. I can guarantee if our women work hard, they will play a vital role in the development of this country.
  3. Another student said: “I am here to say thank you to all the members of this center and we are very grateful for such a great center and for helping us. This was one of the first sewing centers of its nature, I know that everyone who comes through this center can open their own shops and centers. I personally am so thankful for this opportunity, I am able to stitch clothes for my family. My parents cannot afford to be trained in sewing but since I was able to get free training, I can help support my family. I am so thankful that we were given a sewing machine to will help us to start our own small businesses.”
  4. One woman said: “I am so thankful for the director opening such a great center to learn the life skill of sewing. I’m not very educated, but I have a new-found confidence because of this skill. I feel as though I am more respected in society. I am thankful all of the teachers and what they have taught us, as well as they treated us like their sisters. I have diabetes and am sick but thank God for this opportunity and now I can stitch well, and I can start a small business. For one suit, I earn 500 hundred rupees but every day I earn around a thousand rupees ($10). I hope to start a center in my home-village for the ladies in that area. I’m sure I will utilize this sewing machine to enhance my skills, generate income and teach others.”
  5. One lady said: “I am grateful for considering me to say a few words.  I want to tell you that these ladies who are sitting in front of you are no longer illiterate, they are literate and have been well trained to generate revenue that will support their families. I am one example, a lady of 70 years who has no skill and no education but today my daughters have gained a skill. I personally am very thankful for the support and I can only pray for the prosperity of this organization.”

PASL jan feb graduation 1Message from the Chairman (during the Graduation)

“I am here to tell you that you have been blessed with a big skill and with a great gift (Sewing Machine). I wanted to urge those who have received this gift today should use it to help your poor families. This was a one-year training, but I am can assure you to help the interested trainees to set up their small businesses. Our people at Women’s Vocational Training Center are available to help with your business setups.

I am confident, no matter what God has planned for you, you will be fulfilled. We stand by you and we wish you prosperity. We are looking forward to the role you will play in our society and uplifting each of your families. It’s has been such a great honor for each one of us. As of today, we have trained six hundred women from this Center.”

I want to remind you again, the work Roshen Life is doing wouldn’t be possible without the intervention of God. But also our Partners who have and will support diligently for years to uplift and empower these women. Roshen Life will never hesitate to thank Partners Internationals for their unconditional and untiring support. And for the prayers to reach to the people in this area for the transformation of lives both spiritually and physically.

Thank you.

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