Gospel Spreads through Medical Clinic

Daniel with a patient CopyMy name is Daniel, and I am a servant of the Lord in West Africa. Two years ago, I shared about my activities in this part of the world with the support of the Ba-Iyaka ministry. When I first started serving here, I was directly supported financially, and it allowed me to work in the region, especially among the Fulani people who live around the cities. I was also intervening at a radio station in the city.

I took the advice of the ministry leaders I was working closely with, and I started a rural clinic in order to provide primary healthcare to those who had no access to it. My wife attended school for this very thing, and she helped me get it up and running with her expertise. For almost three years, we have been serving the Lord through this ministry, and sharing the Good News along the way.

Ba-Iyaka and Partners International have always been there to help us. They have taught us how to best manage our project, and they have given us the needed funds to buy medicine and equip our pharmacy.

We thank the Lord that the clinic has run so smoothly for the three years it has been in operation. We started in a single consultation room, and we are now using a whole house with several rooms. The Magaria people are truly blessed by our clinic, and it is the most appreciated and frequented in the city. We understand that this is the work of the Lord. The clinic is always watered with prayers, and while it is a medical facility first, it has also become an evangelism center – every single patient hears the Gospel.

Currently, we are deploying our services into the villages where we have church plants. There, we provide free consultation and medication to the people who live there. Several villagers have already been nursed through malaria and other prevalent diseases. There is joy on the faces of the people, and we feel privileged to have been the ones to bring it, and to share the love of Christ with them through this practical need!

Pastors and local believers have also been very blessed by our visits. The village you see in the picture is Barho, the first one we visited. We thank Ba-Iyaka for their precious support, and we pray for this support to continue, so that we can continue meeting this need.

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