A Good Word Brings Health and Joy

Last month, we gave lots of details about Alatoo Community Development’s medical clinic that traveled to various Central Asian villages. This month, we wanted to give a few responses from some of the many people who were treated at the clinic:

Villager 1 

When I heard that a FREE medical clinic was coming to my village, I thought it was likely provided by one of our candidates running for office, trying to get people to vote for him. The free things in our days are so rare, even never. I decided to use this chance to visit doctors for free.

When I arrived at the mobile clinic, I was so surprised to see that it was being provided by an organization (Alatoo) in partnership with our local community leaders. I was so happy that our village leaders would do something for our community without any cost to us.

Potatoes for Doctors!

I was asked to pay 20 soms (about 30 cents) to help with the lunch of the doctors, but I gave some potatoes instead, as I am retired and have a lot of potatoes. Of course we should thank them, as they are doing so many things for us. If I don’t pay with potatoes, I can never visit any doctor in my place.


Villager 2 

When I visited the gynecologist in this free clinic, I felt so tired and had so many pains in my body, especially ovaries pain. But when doctor checked me and told that everything is good and clear, and explained why I have the ovaries pain, I felt so happy and so healthy. I realized that if our local doctors will have such relationship, there would be so less people with health problems. Our parents had an expression, “A good word brings health and joy; a bad word brings disease and destroys.” Thank you very much for this free health clinic.


Villager 3 

I loved the caring manner of the doctor and gynecologist. My daughter visited the pediatrician. Their responses to us were so detailed. As I entered the medical clinic, they checked my weight and height; then another lady asked a lot of question about my health problems. She checked my blood pressure and sugar level, also did a urine test.

Next, I saw the doctor. She asked again about my health and, to my surprise, about my life too. I felt that I was an important patient for her, and she really would like to help me. I received vitamins and helico-bacteria treatment (stomach infection), but the most important medicine – warm words and wishes.  After the time with the doctors, I also would like to do good things for other people.


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