God’s Power Shown to Two Families


God's Power Shown to Two FamiliesA man had been suffering greatly from a hernia. His wife saw our brother’s programs on TV and contacted him. Our brother went and shared the Good News of Jesus with them and left them with copies of the Gospel to read. A few days later, his wife called to say that her husband was interested in learning more. Our brother went to see him and invited them both to come to the worship meeting. With much pain and difficulty, he came to the meeting with the help of his friends.

As soon as they began to worship the Lord, the man fell to the ground and started to have convulsions. Led by the Holy Spirit, our brother asked the church to let the Lord work, and to continue to worship and praise the Lord because that was the reason for their meeting. At the end of the meeting, they gathered around him and prayed for him. Our brother laid his hands on the sick man, and at that instant, the evil one left and the convulsions stopped! The man gave his heart to Jesus and his family followed, after seeing this display of God’s power and love, and of His great deliverance and healing! Glory be to the Lord!


Another family suffered from strange things happening in their house. They called the Muslim Imans to come investigate, but they were unable to help. One day, our brother received a phone call from this family. He went to visit them and shared with them the Good News of Jesus. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room became bizarre. Our brother took authority in Jesus’ powerful Name and commanded the evil one to leave that house forever, because the family now belonged to Him!

There was an immediate calm in the house, and the family, together with their neighbors, was captivated by the Lord’s love and power. Twelve of them gave their lives to Jesus that day! In the next meetings with them, more people gathered to hear the Good News of Jesus. Praise the Lord that today the group has grown to twenty-seven people after only six meetings, and pray that it will continue to grow! May the Lord give wisdom to our brother to disciple them.

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