God’s Plans are Higher

We are forever thankful for how God Almighty has orchestrated things to keep our Middle East Prison Ministry going strong throughout the quarantine months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are privileged to witness that God’s plans are higher than our highest aspirations. Here is a quick glimpse of how God is using us during this particular time when the entire world is suffering from COVID-19 consequences.

In the beginning, we got discouraged to know that we would not be able to perform our third and fourth visitation cycles that last 21 days each to the 17 prisons all around the area due to the quarantine lockdown.

Yet God surprised us with even more opportunities to provide for the families of the inmates who were struggling severely. God bestowed on us heavenly favor in their eyes and we were able to use almost all of the donations we previously received to support these families with food packages and hygiene kits as well as some financial support.

Middle East Prison Ministry packaging love gifts for inmates and their families

We were also contacted several times by the women’s prison management who asked us to provide our gifts for the inmates. Accordingly, we distributed hundreds of gifts to inmates including Bibles, hygiene packages, calling cards to contact their families, clothing, and other items as needed. 

Our men’s team was also busy visiting many of the released and current inmates’ families to pray with them and provide them with food packages and some donations that we had. They also were able to follow up on inmates’ legal cases with counselors and attorneys.

We received many calls from inmates thanking Middle East Prison Ministry team for caring for their families during their absence.

Please pray with us for all the inmates who need to be deported to return to their countries and get united with their families. We want to help provide for the fees and fines and air-flight ticketing to their respective countries. 

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