God Uses Virus Outbreak to Bring Healing to a Village

God Uses Virus Outbreak to Bring Healing to a VillageA testimony from one of our ministry workers on the field:

My walk with God is going well, and every day I depend on him to lead me in making decisions for this ministry. He has been teaching me a lot recently about casting all my cares and desires to him in regards to my ministry work, as well as in leading my family. I have a wife and three children, who area all doing very well.

We were recently affected by the outbreak of a virus that started in one of the villages that I minister to. Myself and one of my sons were affected, as I was exposed when I was doing visitations, and brought it home with me. We have healed since then, and we saw God working even in the midst of it.

There was an old man in one of the villages affected by this disease who came down with it, and who I had the chance to visit with while I was there. His brother-in-law had recently passed away after coming down with the virus, and this man and contracted it shortly afterward. It caused him to pass out, and he was injured when his head fell on a rock. After a few days of being cared for by his family, he developed breathing problems and had to be taken to the nearest health center.

It was there that I met him, and he accepted my offer to pray over him. My time with him was initially very limited, however, and didn’t get the chance to share the Gospel with him until several days later. Eventually, though, God provided an opening for me. I shared with him about God being our healer, both of physical ailments and of our spiritual needs. As a result of this meeting and my having the chance to share the Gospel with him, his whole family has drawn very close to me, and I have been able to share with all of them.

The spread of this disease has been terrible for the villagers in the area, but it has also made them more open to prayer, and to the Good News. God has been faithful to us and to them, even during this outbreak. Please keep these villagers in your prayers, as well as my family and all the other ministry workers with me. Thank you.


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  1. Darrell

    Thank you for your faithful work through difficult circumstances. It is a tremendous encouragement to read how you choose to let God work through you and through the difficulties that you face. May God continue to move through the village and I pray that he will continue to use you in your ministry. May the Holy Spirit touch the lives of those you share the gospel with and continue to bring physical and spiritual healing.

    • Partners International

      Thank you so much for praying for this ministry, Darrell!


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