God Redeems Broken Situations

As the Church Growth Association of India (CGAI) ministry, we recently trained 30 bi-vocational leaders to start small groups and to develop local leaders. Seven of them have started 10 small discipleship groups and others are planning to start small groups. This training was conducted in South India. These trainees have the vision to reach one of the people groups in their region.

This is a testimony of a couple who went through our training and the heartaches that led up to the training:

Bavishni* grew up in a non-Christian family. When she was 19 years old, she began to learn and experience the love of Christ through her husband who grew up in a Christian family. She became interested in Christ and chose to surrender her life completely at the foot of Cross. Not long after this, she had a baby girl. When their daughter was two years old, Bavishni’s husband killed himself. His reason for suicide was that he couldn’t wait for Jesus’ return. This devastated Bavishni; her heart was shattered, and she questioned Jesus. Her antagonistic family members and their cynical views started to plague her. She had no hope.

Reyansh* was married with a two-year-old son. Unfortunately, his wife died from a prolonged sickness. Reyansh had no idea what his future looked like, but he had faith that Christ will lead him. Through God’s grace and provision, Reyanish and Bavishni met and were led to marry each other. Bavishni’s hard feeling against Christ from the trauma of her previous husband’s decision was still strong in her heart. Reyansh was exemplary; his behavior and love towards his bride redeemed her and helped soften her heart.

Now the two of them have a strong commitment to work among her family and other unreached people. “When I attended church growth training, the thought that God has called me to reach my own people was a big challenge,” shared Bavishni. “All my family members are Hindus and oppose Christ. But Reyanish and I have a strong hope that God will bring them to Himself, and he will use our lives for that. We have started a small group to disciple a few of our neighbors. This training helped us to understand the importance of discipleship and how it can be achieved by starting small groups.”

*Names have been changed for security reasons.

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