God Provides in Times of Financial Need

God Provides in Times of Financial NeedThis month, we have spent a considerable amount of time moving our ministry to a new location, as we were concerned about security in our previous location. Our landlord recently moved away for good, and since then our center had been robbed on two occasions. Before we signed another three year lease, we had to consider our other options in light of these events. In the end, we decided to move.

The new facility that we were looking at was a nice, relatively new building, but it needed a lot of renovation before it would be suitable for our work. I had no extra money for such an undertaking. The day before the decision had to be made, I was praying with a friend and crying out to the Lord to give me clarity on this decision.

The day after this, I got a call from the States from a friend who has been in the Intensive Care Unit for a month with health complications. He called me and said: “God has woken me so early today and has asked me to call you and give you money to renovate your new location. He said He is pleased by you, He looks down and smiles at you, and He will never leave you.”

I cried and cried and thanked the Lord, and when it came time to submit the first payment, it was the same amount that he had sent to me. He is faithful all the time, and He will provide the second part of the payments to the center, because He is the Lord, whom I serve.

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